Featuring Andi :: A Blogger’s Quilt Festival Quilter!

Hi there! Today’s featured quilter is Andi, and Australian blogger that I’ve known online for number of years. Andi has always made beautiful, colorful quilts, and the collection that she’s sharing today is fantastic! Andi blogs at PatchAndi, I hope you enjoy getting to know Andi better —
1. When did you begin quilting?
My first experience with quilting was at age 8 as I sat with my grandmother making her “Grandmother’s Flower Garden” hexagon quilt. She taught me to do English paper piecing and I made a small piece under her guidance. Over the years I dabbled in patch-working and later on learned how to quilt. I didn’t begin to quilt seriously until my late 20s. I haven’t looked back since and have made hundreds of quilts.
Featuring Andi - AmysCreativeSide.com
2. Why do you quilt?
A number of reasons really. At first it was about connecting with my Grandmother and later on it became an activity to do when I had two small children and desperately needed a creative outlet (and some ME time). Over time, I discovered the online quilting community and quickly became strongly connected with the quilting community and all that it had to offer. More recently it has also become a business endeavour and my quilting is very much geared to our website, making samples, and teaching.
Featuring Andi - AmysCreativeSide.com
3. What is your favorite quilting tip?
Don’t sweat the small stuff!! Your points aren’t perfect? Who’s going to notice? Enjoy the process and love the end-product …. no matter how wonky. Embrace that wonk!!!!!
Featuring Andi - AmysCreativeSide.com
4. What was your inspiration for your Quilt Festival quilt? (picture above)
Both of my entries into the recent quilt festival were pixel quilts. I adore making quilts that represent people I admire and love. Also, they tend to get a fabulous response from others which is kind of fun. The two people represented in my entries are Frida Kahlo, a fabulous, strong and determined female artist of last century. The other is my daughter who I hope will grow up to be similarly fabulous, strong and determined.
5. Do you sew other things?
Very occasionally I sew cushions or bags. But I am almost exclusively a quilt-maker.
Featuring Andi - AmysCreativeSide.com
6. Anything else you would like us to know about you?
My husband and I, and a third partner started a website last year called YouPatch.com where you can turn any image into a fully-featured pixel quilt pattern. It is lots of fun to play with our online editor and create a wide variety of possible designs. Also, it costs you nothing until you decide you are ready to purchase a pattern so I hope your readers will pop over and visit us and have a play!!!
Thanks for sharing your quilts Andi! I had so much fun playing over at YouPatch – I hope I have time to make a Darth quilt for my son before Christmas!
Have a great weekend –
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  1. Susie Q August 7, 2015 at 3:13 pm - Reply

    Why is the font so small? It hurts these old eyes as a result did not read ANY of this post. FYI

    • Amy August 9, 2015 at 2:44 pm - Reply

      Hi Susie! Try control+ to increase the font, that’s a trick that works on most browsers :)

  2. Jan August 7, 2015 at 4:37 pm - Reply

    Great article, Amy. So nice to see Andi and her fabulous creations get such well-deserved recognition.

    • Amy August 9, 2015 at 2:44 pm - Reply

      Thanks Jan!

    • Andi August 10, 2015 at 3:10 am - Reply

      Thanks Jan xxx

  3. Andi August 10, 2015 at 3:11 am - Reply

    Thanks Amy for including me!! Let me know if I can help with your Darth quilt pattern!!
    Andi x

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