Moving Mosaic is one of the more complex patterns in Think Big. I went back and forth in the planning stages as to what size I was going to make of this quilt, because I knew it was going to be a time consuming project! In the end I decided to make it a king size, just to prove to myself, and anyone that picks up the book, that it can be done!

Think Big : Moving Mosaic by Amy Ellis -

Photo Credit: Martingale/Brent Kane

The best part about Think Big, is all the options, and being able to try one block before cutting half-square triangles for a bed quilt. I broke it down into charts, to walk you through the math, so that you can make the perfect quilt for you. Some of the projects I made quilts for, but about half, I made a quilt and runner only. For Moving Mosaic I made all three!

Included in the book are images of a 18″ pillow, 18″ x 72″ runner and 108″ x 90″ king quilt. The runners and quilts can be made as few or as many blocks as you like, to compliment your table, bed or any other surface you want to put it on. Fabrics featured are Botanics by Carolyn Friedlander.

Think Big by Amy Ellis -

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