Featuring Karen :: A Blogger’s Quilt Festival Quilter!

Hi friends! I want to direct you to the Blogger’s Quilt Festival page set up here. I’ve updated the dates and added a new logo to the page – I’m looking forward to seeing all the quilts again in a couple of months!

Today’s featured quilter is Karen, if you haven’t met Karen yet I hope you will take a few moments to get to know her better. Karen blogs at Quilts…etc. and does a lot of beautiful handwork – Enjoy —

1. When did you begin quilting? 

I made my first quilt about 40 years ago and it was horrible!  I made another one about 5 years later and then another about 5 years after that.  About 25 years ago I really got into it.  I had developed some chronic medical problems that will be with me for life and I really needed a distraction.  I still have the medical problems and have made over 300 quilts since then.  I mainly hand pieced and hand quilted all of my quilts until about 10 years ago when I started to machine piece some of my quilts but I still only hand quilted.  Now I hand piece, machine piece, do needle turn appliqué, hand quilt and do a little machine quilting.  Hand work is still my favorite.

Featuring Karen -- AmysCreativeSide.com

2. Why do you quilt?

I quilt because I love it!!  It is my creative outlet, stress reducer – you name it – it works for me.  I just love working with fabric.  A quilter really gets involved in the whole process, I love picking out a pattern to make, deciding what fabric to use and then creating.

Featuring Karen -- AmysCreativeSide.com

3. What is your favorite quilting tip?

Don’t think you can’t do it.  Just a little bit a day and you can finish a quilt before you know it.  Take your time. Do not think your quilt has to be perfect. A lot of quilters never finish a quilt and that is one thing I do not understand.  I have to finish it so I can use it.

Featuring Karen -- AmysCreativeSide.com

4. What was your inspiration for your Quilt Festival Quilt? (above)

I had seen a photo of Lucy Boston, Patchwork of the Crosses and knew I had to make it.  As I said I love hand work and this project I made with Inklingo – not English Paper Piecing.  Print your fabric templates out with freezer paper and your printer and use a running stitch.

5. Do you sew other things? 

Not usually – I have not been interested in making clothing or bags and things – I can do but I don’t care for it.

Featuring Karen -- AmysCreativeSide.com

6. Anything else you would like us to know about you?

I am a traditionalist.  I like old fashioned quilts but I like modern fabric.   Because I do a lot of my work by hand I find it very easy to pack a small box and take it with us when we travel in our small motorhome – hand piecing on the road is something that comes along easily.  I do not take a sewing machine with me.  I have been known to piece an entire quilt while on the road for 2 months and have it ready for my 3 roller hand quilting frame when I get home.  Don’t let someone tell you that you can’t make a quilt.  One piece at a time and it gets done.  I have never had a class.   I am self taught.  I mainly use a 3 roller quilting frame for my hand quilting and sometimes a small hoop.  Most of my piecing is done on my (and when I machine quilt) big Juki TL-2010Q which I love.  I still like handHwork best but I am now in my early 60’s and I am developing arthritis in my hands so I need to do more of my work by machine.  For me that means piecing by machine and save my hands for the quilting.  I really do not like machine quilting all that much but do it now and then – I like to do all my own work though so I have never paid anyone to quilt a quilt for me – that is part of making a quilt to me – to do the whole thing.  My husband and I love traveling to the Rocky Mountain states and go hiking and camping in rustic campgrounds – we do not like the big resort type of campgrounds where there is little space between campers.  We like the rustic areas instead because they are quite and peaceful.


Thanks for sharing Karen! Love your tip, it’s definitely about the little bits of work that you can get done each day – it adds up fast!

Happy Quilting –


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  1. Karen March 20, 2015 at 6:33 am - Reply

    thank you for the post Amy – I’m looking forward to the next show

  2. Antique Store March 20, 2015 at 6:42 am - Reply

    […] sewing to share today and Amy’s Creative Side has featured me from the last Quilt Festival – you can see it here!  The next on line quilt festival that Amy is having starts May 15th so think about what you want […]

  3. Kati R. March 20, 2015 at 7:07 am - Reply

    Such beautiful quilts, and I agree, nothing beats the peacefulness of handwork! Thank you for te post Amy!

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