Creativity in the Kitchen

Last year at this time, I was working madly to sew and write Think Big. This year, I’ve promised myself to keep the creativity in the kitchen and focus more on my family and really enjoy our time together.

Creativity in the Kitchen -

Yesterday I spent a couple of hours finalizing my recipes, shopping list and making a plan for my week. I always feel more prepared once I’ve mapped things out!

I thought I should share some of our favorites and a few new things I’m trying this year. Along with links here, you’ll find these in my In the Kitchen pinterest board :)

Best Ever Green Bean Casserole – really good and fresh! This year I’m not going to make my own onion topping, it’s been hard to get right.

Good Eats Roast Turkey – I’ve used the brine for a number of years, finally going to use the roasting recipe too!

Whipped Potatoes – total extravance, but delicious!

Homemade Hot Cocoa Mix – perfect warm up for the kiddos after playing in the snow, and so much better than store bought packets. I mix it up and put it in a large baggie with instructions written on the outside.

Bourbon Pecan Pie – I’m not making this one this time, but it was a winner last time I made it! (Someone else is in charge of pecan pies)

Creativity in the Kitchen -

New to me recipes –

Pumpkin Pies – Usually I follow the recipe on the can of pumpkin, but thought I would try to switch it up a tiny bit, just not so much that my kiddos won’t eat it. Pumpkin pie is their fave!

Ciabatta Stuffing with Chestnuts and Pancetta – I’ve tried a number of different recipes over the years, still waiting to find the perfect fit. Can’t be cornbread, or have fruit, but needs more complexity/flavors than a standard plain stuffing. Here’s hoping!

Pumpkin Cheesecake – I’ve been eyeing this recipe for a couple years, finally going to give it a try!

Bourbon Vanilla Cranberry Sauce – Usually I stick with the fresh berries, orange and a little sugar, but these flavor additions should be a big hit!

Better than Grannie’s Creamed Corn – My kids requested corn for Thanksgiving, and both Joe and I had the same thought – creamed corn! Hope they like it.

Another thing I’ve done to keep organized, is using a notepad on my computer/phone that has links to all these spots. I don’t have to print the recipes, and I can verify details on the fly. I’ve had the same list for a few years now, it’s always fun to come back and add to it each time I’m planning a Thanksgiving feast!

Do you have a go to favorite recipe for Thanksgiving? 

I’d love to add it to my collection!





PS – Need a quick pumpkin/chocolate fix? We made these over the weekend – big thumbs up from my kids, until I told them “no” for a second!

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  1. charlotte November 24, 2014 at 4:04 am - Reply

    Happy Thanksgiving Amy! You have a great bunch of recipes there, some I use too. My new thing, while not a new recipe is a method of baking. I saw pumpkin pie baked in cast iron last year. The bottom crust actually browns! You prepare your pie the exact same way you always do, and just put the pie dough in cast iron before you fill it. Start at the usual high heat for 15 minutes and turn it down. Perfect pie every time. I have run several experimental batches just to be sure.

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