Happy Friday! I hope you’ve had a great week! I have a quick reverse appliqué tutorial for you today, thanks to my Emmalie. Emmalie is a sentimental soul, she latches on to a few special clothes each year and has the hardest time passing them down to the next sister when she out grows them. The green t-shirt below, is one of her very favorites, recently she brought it and the black long sleeve t-shirt to me, asking that I somehow combine them so she can keep wearing her shirt.

Of course I mulled it over for a few days, then decided that reverse appliqué would be ideal, and add a special bit of interest too!

I used my rotary cutter to cut a square out of the shirt, with plenty of room around it. Then took it and some freezer paper to the window to trace the outline of the motif.

The freezer paper does two things, it gives me a stitching line, and stabilizes the knit fabric. Next I found the center of the heart, and the t-shirt, and ironed the freezer paper where I wanted to stitch it. I also added a layer of fusible fleece to the wrong side of the motif, the fabric going behind. The fusible fleece adds stability to the fabric, and reinforces this well worn t-shirt.

Next, I matched up the motif to the traced heart. This can be a little tricky, take your time to make it right. I started at the points, by putting  a pin through the point then matching it to the point behind. Then it’s just a matter of smoothing and working your way around the motif.

Take it to the machine! I used a black (matching the top t-shirt) thread, and stitched just outside the line I had drawn.

Gently remove the freezer paper, and pull the top fabric away from the fabric behind, to carefully start cutting it away.

I also trimmed away the excess fabric and fusible fleece inside the t-shirt.

Presto! A favorite t-shirt lives on!

Emmalie has washed and worn it a few times already, and it’s holding up great! I would say the hardest part is actually starting this project – it was finished and done in 30 minutes.

Emmalie is happy, and her t-shirt is as unique as she is!

Have a great weekend friends :)