I’m so happy to have a new finish to share with you for Blogger’s Quilt Festival!  My Button Box quilt is a variation of a quilt I made last spring, with a twist. Previously, it was made with 9″ blocks and a very pretty fabric line, however, while designing the block I realized that I could easily adjust the size (as you can with most blocks) and decided that I needed to make a scrappy version!

I loved pulling fabrics from my stash/scraps for this project, and reminisced where each had been used in previous projects. Some in very different projects, and others had been waiting for this one! While I was selecting fabrics, I tried to use mostly fabrics with the same saturation, or intensity.  The few exceptions offer a resting place for your eye in the midst of the busy prints.

The blocks are 3″, 6″, 9″ and 12″ with appropriate sized flying geese for each block.  I LOVE making flying geese – they are like magic!

Even the background fabrics are scrappy, this quilt was all about making with what I had on hand.  The different backgrounds offer depth in the quilt top that a solid may not have given it – so I’m glad for the way it worked out.  Piecing the blocks into the top took some effort – I had to puzzle out which partial seams to add, and when to finish them.  But it was well worth the time spent!

 I quilted this on my domestic machine (Babylock – Melody) with a walking foot, and large arching lines.  I started at one corner and worked my way across the quilt, the lines are about an inch apart.  Then I bound it by machine as well, using a blanket stitch on the edge.  That was a first for me, and I’m pleased with the results! (yes, that’s snow on the quilt!)

I worked on this quilt for six months, off and on, which was a challenge for me! I don’t have the patience to wait to finish things usually, but sometimes life dictates what is to be, or not to be.  I worked on it as I could and looked forward to having more time to sew it up!

My kids always enjoy “helping” me take photos – it seemed appropriate to include a few of their silly grins! They have watched this quilt from the very beginning, and will now enjoy snuggling with me under it on the couch.

Thanks for reading, and participating in Blogger’s Quilt Festival! I love the online community, and have fun hosting this event every time!

xo – Amy

Blogger’s Quilt Festival Stats

Finished quilt measures : 60″x 72″
Special techniques used : none
Quilted by : Me!
Best Category : Scrap Quilt, Home Machine Quilted
Entry # : 1

**If you are interested, I altered my original pattern to include a layout guide and block count for this quilt.