I stayed up a little bit later than I should have last night, but I really wanted to get this pillow finished up!  I’ve had a busy week of computer work, and sometimes sewing late into the night is the perfect way to wake up my creativity.  Pretty sure some of you can relate to that!

For this pillow, I had a charm pack of Cosmic Burst, and something small seemed like the best way to let them shine together.  Most of the charms where marked, and yielded 8 HST units – yep, they are tiny!  1 1/2″ across, I’ll have to share my method in another post soon.

As much as I typically love things orderly, I had fun laying out the HST units randomly, and watching different patterns emerge.   The only spot that I did have a plan, is the perimeter of the pillow.

Since the layout was so random, I decided to not pay attention to the lines in the top, and quilted it with straight lines, with green thread.  I marked the center, and began a 1/4″ away from it, then moved my needle over so I could quilt 1/2″ away from each line of quilting while using the edge of my foot as a reference.  I also ended up marking the center pivot line so I didn’t miss my mark.

I finished it with a wide binding, and left the excess batting in there to fill it out – I love the way it is framed by the the crosshatch.

I’m on to the next project!

What are you working on?



Cosmic Burst by Mark Cesarik

Kona Cotton in Natural

Pieced and Quilted with Aurifil 50wt

Measures 21″ square