A couple weeks ago Pat asked if I would join her in a simple blog hop, um ya!  Of course I’m in.  I had the pleasure of meeting Pat at Market last month, and she is so much fun and sweet too!  If you haven’t listened to her Monday radio show – you should – she’s always talking to someone new in the quilting industry, and loves to connect with listeners via her blog too.

Enough about Pat…I’ve got some fun stuff to share!

Our theme song for the day –

What is your most interesting or unusual item in your studio?

The most interesting or unusual item in my studio, is the fact that one might call it a studio!  I sew at the kitchen table, and don’t have a stash to speak of really!  (gasp)  For this moment in my life, and our family life – it’s the biggest hurdle and asset, as I keep track of our four kids around the clock.  It also means that I have to keep things tidy, as much as possible, and clean up constantly.  Which is a good thing, because when stuff gets out of hand, I just don’t function very well.  Thankfully my kids are good at ganging up on chores and getting them done with me.

My quilty slice of the kitchen resides here:

The printer cart was re-purposed for fabric and sewing machine storage, and the dresser has been a huge improvement in kitchen storage space.  I have two drawers for fabric and little bits, and the rest of the drawers hold sheet pans, and other kitchen essentials, along with one drawer for coloring books and crayons/paints for the kids.  Both pieces are unusual for the space, and for studio spaces I believe!

Who would you like to hang out with for a day and why?

I would love to hang out with…my first thought was all my blog friends, or even just myself, as our days are very full, and I rarely have a moment to think!  But the one person I would most love to hang out with for a day is Amy Poehler.  If you haven’t been watching her show “Parks & Recreation” – I highly recommend it for a good laugh!

I would love to hang out with Amy because she’s hilarious, but also creative, and a down to earth mom too!  Imagine the great and crazy ideas that could be dreamt up in an afternoon.  That would be fun!

Top tip or tutorial?

I’ve recently made a few zip pouches, and loved the outcome.  But, there’s always a little slippage as I sew the zipper in, no matter how many pins I’ve used…minor problem, that I wanted to find a solution for.  Fast forward a week, and I was given some Lapel Stick to try out and share with my readers (giveaway soon).  So I started thinking about what I could make, while using the Lapel Stick.  I’m sure you can see where this is going, I realized that it would be perfect for sewing a zipper in place!  And let me show you how great the results are!

So here’s what you do –

First, gather a zipper, fabric, and cutting mat with ruler/rotary cutter.

My zip was 12″, but I cut my fabric to the length of the entire zipper, which allows for seam allowances.  My cut length was 13 1/4″.

Next, cut fabric to length, and the desired height of your bag.  My pieces are 9″ and 3″.  Then cut lining pieces to match the exterior.  It all really depends on the size of your zipper!

Using some paper, I found in the kids’ drawer, protect your cutting surface and apply a generous layer of Lapel Stick to one side, of the zipper.  I started on the back.

Then, with your fingers apply the right side of the lining fabric to the backside of the zipper where you applied the Lapel Stick.

And repeat with the exterior fabric on the front of the zipper.

After you are sure, everything is just where you want it.  Walk away for five minutes.  Go put your zipper foot on your machine and make sure things are ready there, while the Lapel Stick has a chance to dry and set.  Then Sew!

I was so pleased – I forgot to stop and take a picture!  There’s no pins to remove as you sew, no pulling or bunching, just a quick seam to set the zipper into one half of the bag!

Press the fabric away from the zipper, and repeat the process for the other side.

Don’t forget to walk away for a few minutes while it sets – get a drink of water or bit of chocolate.  What ever you need to keep going!

Press your fabric away from the zipper and you are ready to finish up!  I’m so happy with how well the zipper went in, it was fast, and I didn’t get a single poke!

But – I didn’t get to finish either, you will have to come back and see it later this week.  I was busy making preparations for this birthday boy –

That expression on his face – says it all!  He had a great day!


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I have a couple other ideas to share for using Lapel Stick – hopefully I will have that for you tomorrow!