Are you ready?  Yesterday afternoon, I spent some quality time sewing with all 4 of my kids!  Usually I’ll work one on one with them as they are interested in helping, everyone wanted in yesterday!

My favorite place to start, is with floss and a hoop!  It’s like coloring with thread – fun!  The girls have all had a chance to work a hoop and needle before, so they had an idea of what they wanted to do.  Owen, while young had a lot of fun pushing and pulling the needle, while I re-threaded the needle countless times.

To begin, I had a selection of fabrics, and floss that they could choose from.  And since I had all four kids, I started with the youngest first, to keep him busy!

Look at that concentration!  At almost 4 years old, he’s just making big stitches, back and forth.  At this age it’s more about the experience, and him having fun making something that he’s proud of.  I’m not looking for perfection : )

With the girls, I took a few minutes to show them a backstitch, the fun lazy diasy, and when asked for a dot, I showed Emmalie a french knot.

The girls all decided to work on solid fabrics, however we have worked on patterned fabrics too, like this –

You can see that a couple of them decided to follow the pattern in the fabric.  A fun option!

Sophia made a smiley face, and puppy face (r).  Her stitches were tiny, and she loved every moment!

Emmalie had a game plan from the start, and then she added a little extra at the end –

Her name is going around the perimeter of her flower, with a smiley face.

Ella also had a vision, and you can see where Emmalie found her inspiration — she loves her big sister!

No qualms there!


So the moral of the story…gather a few supplies, and let the little people in your life create too!  It’s a fun way to start, no matter how old, or skill set.  Just be ready to thread the needle a few times!

Supplies used:

8″-12″ embroidery hoops

Kona, Bella, and various pieces

DMC floss in a variety of colors – I threaded the needles with all 6 strands of floss

Embroidery needle (it has a large eye, and doesn’t have to be sharp)

Scissors, and patience ; )


Are you pulling your supplies out yet?

Can’t wait to see what you and yours create!