Hi friends!  I hope you had a great weekend!  I’ve been busy with the family, and watching the Super Bowl – Joe grew up in Wisconsin, so the Packer win was very exciting here!  On Friday, I had to sew, I woke up grumpy and knew that if I didn’t sew something I wouldn’t be happy, thus the family wouldn’t be happy.  Ever have one of those days?  I know I’m not alone!

After lunch, I pulled out the iron, ironing board and my Go! Cutter.  I’ve had this idea ruminating in my brain and just needed to get it out!  Sophia helped me starch my fat quarters, and then we took turns cranking the Go! to cut tumblers for a springy bunting.  What do you think?

Seriously, my kids love the Go! as much as I do, they fight over turns if I don’t have a system in place.  And I always add myself to the rotation or I would never actually get to use it!  I love being able to include them in the process though, I was sketching the other day and Sophia was giving me shapes and telling me what to put inside each of them.  So creative!

Making this bunting is pretty simple, and you could make any shape you like if you don’t have a Go!  or the tumbler die.  These measure almost 6″ across at the top, and 7″ long, if you wanted to add letters you could, I just wanted to feature some beautiful fabrics!  Mine measures 90″ overall with the flags in the center 60″.

To start I cut two tumblers from 7 fabrics, I used Wildwood fabrics that I’ve had tucked away.  Then with right sides together, sew around 3 edges, like so:

With the Go!  my corners are already clipped, but clip if necessary, and turn them right side out.

To get a crisp corner, I used a knitting needle for years, until I was given a Purple Thang by my friend Jackie.  It works great!  Turn it out nice and press flat.  Next is to make binding, or if you’ve planned ahead and bought it you are set!  Buy the double fold tape if you go that route.

I cut 3 – 2″ WOF strips, sewed them together on the bias as usual.  Then pulled out my bias tape maker, which I don’t use for quilt-making anymore.  Just fun projects and clothing!

So you slip the end into the wide end, then it folds the fabric as you pull it back.  I typically have more fingers involved, like this:

Otherwise I tend to get some wonky edges, and I prefer an nice crisp fold.  After running the entire length, then fold it flat and press again.

Now find the center of your binding, and set out on a large flat surface, table, floor, what ever is handy, and add a tumbler to the center.

Pin in place, so you can move it to the sewing machine once everything is in place.  I spaced my tumblers 3″ apart, and just worked from the center out.

To add the tumblers, just open the binding and push the tumbler into the crease, then fold it down and pin.

Work your way across pinning, then topstitch near the lower edge, careful to grab both the front and back.  At the ends, just fold it under a half inch with the binding open, then close it back up before sewing.  That’s it!  A fun, quick project to brighten up any space!

And in the interest of full disclosure, here’s the table where I had been sewing, and why I was working on the floor while pinning.

Keeping it real!  I do have 2 sets of tumblers cut and ready for you to make your own Spring Bunting!  Just add binding and you are set – you can find them in my Meylah Shop.

My book – Modern Basics is set to start shipping tomorrow!  I have also added pre-orders to my shop, and bookplates, in case you just need an autograph.  I’ll have more on all of that tomorrow!

Talk to you later –