I scored a few of these rulers at a great price with all of you in mind!  So, I thought I would share a little how-to, on how easy they are and show you why you need one.  If you already know what to do with this you can go straight to the shop to get yours!

As you can see the ruler has 1/2″ marks.  First step is to decide how big of a plate you want to make, and cut a strip of fabric to that width.

Trim up the end with the ruler, the cut your first wedge.

Turn the ruler over and continue cutting wedges.

Works with all sizes, between 1″ and 8″!  To make the wedges, fold the wider end, right sides together.  I stick a pin in them all then head to the machine.

Sew using 1/4″ seam.

Then we clip the corner and turn it right side out.

Careful not to clip too close to your seam.  Then with thumb on the right side, lay your seam allowance to one side with your index finger and turn it right side out.

Gently press the point out.

And set the points with a hot iron.

For each plate, you need 20 wedges, which are quickly made with this nifty ruler!   Starting near the tip, backstitch to secure your stitches, and sew the entire length.  Press your seam allowances in one direction, and add more together, until you have a complete plate.

For this stacked version, I used 8″, 5 1/2″ and 2″ strips, and machine quilted each layer in place.

I’ve learned to have lots of fun with these, and can’t wait to see what you come up with too!

Visit the shop to purchase your’s and get started!  I’m thinking I’ll add a couple extra bits of fabric for you to play with, for each order.  It will be a surprise!

Happy quilting~