Much earlier in the year, as I was working on my Doll Quilt Swap, I made a bunch of disappearing 9-patch blocks.  I was considering them for the background to the dresden plates, but decided on the plainer background, because the plates were lost on this busy background.  I put it aside and didn’t really even share it here.  I wasn’t sure how I wanted to finish it…but did begin collecting perle cottons for appliqué maybe, and hand quilting.  I decided last week (inspired by the Festival) that hand quilting circles was my plan!

I used a variety of colors, from the colorful top, and a variety of circles from the kitchen.  I learned how to properly hide knots, and really enjoyed the process!

Do you hand quilt at all?  I’m curious to know if it’s an addiction…seems like it could be!

I had a lot of fun working on this, but I’m not sold on hand quilting anything larger yet.  This one measures 17″ x 22″, and my fingers were very sore afterward.

Today I hope to hear from the rest of the winners and finish up my Festival duties.  The Sewing Summit, is moving forward – we signed our venue contract last week, and got more details up on the site!

Happy Quilting,