A few months back I was invited to be involved in making a quilt for a good blog friend – Amy.  Many of you probably know that she recently had a sweet baby girl, and moved out of state less than a month later!  We set about making a cute baby quilt to encourage our friend, and welcome baby Maggie.

Friends CandyVicki, and Rita, all did their part and funneled pieces to me, then I took it to Natalia, for the finishing touches.  Check out their posts to see how they participated!

I received fabric to make 6 blocks :

Aren’t the fabrics so pretty?  I really loved working with them, soft too!

Later, I received the other half of the blocks and put the top together into this adorable top:

You will have to go over and visit Rita to see the adorable appliqué a up close.  Those aren’t mine to share!  I then took it off to Natalia who was the last piece of our collaboration puzzle.  I’m a little sad that I didn’t take more time to get a better photo of it, however if you check all the links you will get a better view!

Working on this project was a lot of fun, we all schemed over email, and got to know each other a bit more in the process too!  I’ve seen Round Robin quilts done in our local guild and after this fun experience, I might just want to do something similar online.  Not yet though – too many irons in the fire!

Have you ever worked on a collaboration quilt?  Did you have a good experience?

I’m just curious~