Hi friends!  I hope you had a great weekend – it seemed like some of you took the weekend to catch up on blocks!  I did some sewing, and worked on understanding wordpress more.  Many of you have asked if I had help designing the blog – YES, I do not understand all the behind the scenes workings, like servers and what not, but Amy does!  Ever since Amy announced her blog design business, I knew that she would be the one to help me move to wordpress, and now she has.  Many many thanks to Amy for the hours spent reworking things!

There are still links that need to be fixed, so if you find something that isn’t working, please try not to be frustrated and send me an email – I will do my best to fix it and get back to you.  In fact, if you have a few extra minutes, please click around and let me know if something isn’t working!  Thank you

Are you ready for more blocks?

This week there are no hst’s, I see some of you celebrating at your computer!  They will be back, and we do have some triangles this week, here’s the first block – Cross #5

Here’s what you need:

From one fabric- 4 – 5″ squares, these are the outer corners

From another fabric – 1 – 3 1/2″ square for the center

Dark fabric – 4 – 1 1/2″ x 5″ for the center of the cross

Medium fabric – 8 – 1 1/2″ x 5″ for the exterior of the cross

Layout your pieces in the block formation ->

Start with the small pieces in the cross, adding the medium fabric to the center, dark fabric.

Sew and press, then add the other side.  Sew and press again!

Now we can work across the block, sewing the pieces into rows.

Pin, sew and press.

Add the third piece to the row, sew and press.  Then sew the rows together.

Carefully pin, and sew your top to the middle section.

Then add the third row, to complete your block!

Looks great!  Can’t wait to see how your fabrics look in it.

For the second block, I have a bit of a challenge, just be sure to cut with a steady hand and take your time with the triangles.  It’s called “New Album” – I guess traditionally the center square would be solid white/cream with applique or embroidery in it.

Here’s what you need:

From one fabric –

4 – 2 7/8″ squares

2 – 4 1/2″ squares, cut on the diagonal (see next pic)

From the second fabric –

1- 5 5/8″ square

4 – 2 7/8″ x 7 3/4″ rectangles

The measurements are a little different this week, but they work!

Cut your 4 1/2″ squares on the diagonal.
Layout your pieces in the block formation –

Notice that your corners are hanging over the edges of the square, don’t trim them yet, they are meant to do that.
Starting in the center, lay two triangles over the center square.  Again the ends of the triangle should hang over, on both sides.  That way when your are done sewing this piece you will have seam allowance for the next seam, without losing your points.  Pin, sew, and press.

Here’s a quick look at my seam.

Now add the remaining triangles.  See how the corners overlap?  Pin, sew and press your seams.

After pressing, trim up your triangle tags in the seam allowances that aren’t necessary.  Then trim the edges to within 1/4″ of your point.  Like this –

If it’s a little lean, don’t worry, we’ll make it work!  Layout once again –

Bring the edges over the center.  Pin, sew and press.

Add the top and bottom to the center, to complete your block!

What do you think!?  Not too bad!  If you happen to loose a point while sewing, take out the inch or so around it.  Pin it again and try again.

I’m getting really excited to see our quilts come together, just a few more weeks of blocks!

**After you make your blocks, post about them on your blog (or flickr), then post a link.  Please post a permalink, do this by clicking on the title of your post, and copy that url, then paste it in the linky.  Thanks!

Let me know if you have questions – I’ll do my best to answer in the comments as we go.
Happy quilting ~