Happy Monday!  I have the blocks for our Simple Sampler – I hope that you are having fun, and maybe learning a bit too.  I’ve been tempted a few times to sew up all the blocks, but I have really enjoyed doing two blocks a week with you guys, so I haven’t!

If you are starting now, these will catch you up –
Simple Sampler Quilt Along Details (includes a pic of the quilt)
Simple Sampler Quilt Along — Week 1
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This week we have a 6-Grid Chain, these are great blocks to alternate in quilt tops, and a perfect addition to our sampler –
To make the Chain block you need:
6 – 2 1/2″ squares from two fabrics
From your solid:
4 – 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ rectangles
4 – 2 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ rectangles
Lay out your pieces in the block formation, we will work from the center out.

Pin and sew your center 4-patch

Match up your center seams, and complete the 4-patch.

Pin, sew and press your seams open.

From the sides add, the 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ rectangles.

Pin, sew and press your seams open.

Next, add your 2 1/2″ squares to both sides of the remaining 2 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ rectangles.

Pin, sew and press.  Line things up again –

Match up your squares, pin, sew and press.

Almost done!  Add the rectangles to the sides once again.

And the remaining squares to the rectangles.

Pin, sew and press.

Add the top and bottom to your block.

Pin, sew and press once more :)

Our second block is variation of a 4-patch, we are adding hourglass blocks to it.

Here’s what you need:
2 – 6 1/2″ squares in one fabric
1 – 7 1/2″ squares in two different fabrics – these will be your hourglass blocks.

Take your 7 1/2″ squares back to the cutting mat, and cut on the diagonal.

Then cut into quarter-triangles, I’ve found a second ruler, with the 45 degree angle to help mark the center, and keep things straight.  Just move it away once, you are all lined up, and cut.

Repeat with your second 7 1/2″ square.

**There is another way to make an hourglass block – we will get to that method later…

Layout your pieces, as you would like to sew it.

Lay the quarter triangles over one another.

Pin, and sew from the center, out.  We will be trimming the outside of the block later, so having the center match up is more important.  Press your seams open.

Now turn the triangle units over on one another, match center seams, pin and sew.  Press open again.

We trim the hourglass blocks down to 6 1/2″ to match the squares that we cut earlier.

With your ruler lined up on the 45 line, also mark the center of the hourglass at 3 1/4″.  Trim two sides, then turn your block line it up again, and trim the other two sides.

All trimmed up and ready to finish the block!

Join the left and the right.  Pin, sew and press.

And join both halves together.

Here’s all my blocks!  Three more weeks of blocks, then we get to add sashing – it’s coming together!

**After you make your blocks, post about them on your blog (or flickr), then post a link here:

Please post a permalink, do this by clicking on the title of your post, and copy that url, then paste it in the linky.  Thanks!
How are you doing with these?  Little more tricky, but fun – I love the variety we are getting :)  My blog will be down this week for a few hours of maintenance and so I made a pdf of the instructions, the file is pretty big, but it’s all there!  Check my shop for pdf’s of all the weeks.
Happy Quilting~

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