If you sew lots (chances are you do) you need to take a few minutes to clean your machine.  With every bobbin change, (if you can take the time to stop) and in between piecing and quilting – those are my usual intervals between cleaning.

I recently mentioned needing to have my machine serviced, but decided to figure a few things out on my own! After a reading my manual and a bit of research online, I learned that my Janome should not be oiled.  Huh?  Ya, that’s what I thought!  There’s one little oil wick beneath the bobbin that needs a teeny bit (not very often), otherwise just clean it.  Check your manual for specifics for your machine!  It makes a difference.  I also switched thread, which has made a huge difference in the amount of lint generated – who knew!?

Here’s the basics for regular cleaning —

See your face plate – take it off.

Undo the screw(s) to get to the inner workings of you bobbin case.

Remove the bobbin case too.

Take your little lint brush, and brush everything clean.

In and behind the bobbin case.

Take some spray air, or a mini vacuum if you have one, and clean out all the lint. ETA – there’s been an ongoing conversation about not using canned air in the comments. It’s best for your machine if you don’t push it further in, so brush and vacuum are best!

Also clean the inside of the bobbin case.

And the outside.  You want everything to be smooth and clean.

That way your thread runs over everything easily and smooth :)

Now you are ready to quilt!

Here’s a free quilt pattern to get you started!

Online Quilting Class