I spent most of yesterday cutting a quilt – here’s where I left it for bed —

I can’t even show you the fabric yet, but it’s gorgeous!  Go visit Natalia, she’s having a giveaway for her lovely followers, and has some beautiful quilts that you can see :)


OOhh, and did you see the poll results?  Very interesting!

Which way do you press your seams while quilting?
40% consistently press to one side
10% consistently press open
48% are pressing both ways
and 2% don’t iron

One year ago the results were this —
Which way do you press your seams while quilting?
56% to one side
1% open
37% depends
3% don’t iron!

I have a few more readers in the last year but cannot avoid the differences here!  More people are pressing open at least some of the time.  Have you changed your process in the last year?  What made you try it?

Quilt guild is tonight!  I missed the last two meetings, so I’m really looking forward to going….I just remembered I need a name tag!  I’ll have to get on that :)

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