Even though I don’t really need another bag (according to my family!) I did need a finish!  A little something that could be completed and shared here, and be a low key item just for me.  I’ve had this bag cut out for quite a while and so last night, was the night!  I had pieced a couple backs earlier in the day, but set aside my current piecing project, to finish something!

This is an unlined tote bag intended to carry quilt projects in progress and the like! (In fact, I put two quilt tops/backs in to take the picture!) Having joined the local quilt guild (it’s fun!) one of the first things I noticed was that lots of ladies have large totes for toting projects for show & tell – here’s mine!  I made it with two 1/2 yards of home deco fabric, one for the bag and one for the handles.  I have a 1 yard cut waiting for a similar bag, but I may use dowels for handles.

What have you been up to!?  I’ve not been to my reader in over a month!  I just have to prioritize my life a little extra right now – not enough hours in the day!  But, really, I do want to know what you all have been up to :)

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