In our discussion last week tutorials about some of the basics were suggested. And after yesterday’s post this seemed like the perfect place to start! I don’t remember learning this, I’m guessing it was learned as girl and has been ingrained since. (I learned to sew garments at 10)

On the wrong side of fabric, place the long end of your seam ripper under a stitch.
Cut the thread on every 2nd or 3rd stitch, on one side only.
Turn over and gently tug on the thread with your fingers, not the seam ripper.
All of your stitches should release, if not turn over and find the problem child, and cut. Continue on and clean up the little bits of thread.
Clean seam, with no tugging on your fabrics!
Same goes for a zig-zag stitch too. Run your seam ripper up the seam cutting as you go.
Turn over and clean up your seam.
Press your fabrics and you are ready to go again!
I will add that if I am sewing rows together and have trouble with one junction I will take out a few inches on either side only and re-sew, careful to lock my stitches, not the entire thing. Like many of you said yesterday, it depends on what I am working on, and this time around it really matters! So I keep working it until I’ve got it right!

I hope that this is useful information for you! Anyone have something to add?


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