My color wheel inspiration post started me on an adventure! As I usually buy fabric per project, I don’t have a stash to collect color samples from, so I went searching for fabric online. My quick realization was that I could not afford to purchase the fabric needed, even for a small quilt. So my next thought was floss! I found a group of embroidery hoops for cheap on ebay, with a 16″ hoop in it, and snatched it up. I searched for color wheel groups of floss online, but that is really hard to do on the computer.So I happened to go to JoAnn’s the weekend it was on sale, and spent around $12 for a full color spectrum in floss, and a color wheel! An actual color wheel has 12 colors typically, I added a few variations of the colors to stretch my idea. I’m pretty excited about this, the texture is amazing! I love having a project for tv time, especially this time of year, as the nights are longer, and the snuggle cozy time is here. I used the full set of 6 strands, and just did what ever stitch I wanted to! Joe had to talk me down from a less random version and I’m so glad he did! There’s a few spots I would like to fill in a little more, and make a few of the transitions less noticeable. But overall I’m super happy with it. I’m still trying to decide if it will stay on the hoop to be hung, or if I should attempt to make it into something more. I’m open to suggestions if genius strikes you :)

Did I mention that it’s 16 inches across? It is a big hoop! I have a couple of smaller hoops that I’m thinking about doing another version with too, maybe just 12 colors this time. . . I’ll let you know when that happens!

I also thought I should mention — Hand Embroidery Network has been posting a stitch a day if you are interested in learning to stitch. They have great pictures and instructions. I would also say that learning is best with a needle and thread in hand :)

So what do you think!? Is this something you might try? Maybe we could stitch together? I’d be happy to share DMC numbers if you are interested.

I gotta run, load the dishwasher and get ready for the evening with the family. I hope you and yours are blessed today~

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