Hi there! Did you miss me? I’m still here, I needed to catch up on a few things and I wanted to finish my zig-zag to show you!

Zig-zag top

I like this one a lot – super girlie and really fun! I did learn a few things making this one, when working with half-square triangles (hst’s) I prefer to press open. Also, explaining the process via words and pictures is a lot of fun. (I made a pdf with some handy information on it if you are thinking about a zig-zag – you can download it here.) Working with the smaller size was a nice change from my last finish too!

In other news — Today is Joe’s birthday! We are having a little celebration here at the house with brat’s and a curry potato salad (a new one for me!). Joe took the day off of work, went to visit a friend recovering in the hospital, and will eventually pick up his cake at Coldstone – saving me a trip :) Good thing too, as there are floors to clean, dishes and dusting.

I found this in the garden when I went out to photograph my quilt top —Baby ear of corn! We will see how big it gets before the cold is back – doesn’t take too long around here.

Also, I took my patterns over to my LQS this morning, met two more sweet ladies and brought home fabric for a sample. Over Labor Day Midway has Swiss Days, lots of booths and fun – I have a deadline :) Oh, and I’ve had a couple of sales in the shop!!!

I keep thinking I would like to join the local quilt guild – but I haven’t put it on the calendar and end up missing the meeting each month! I feel a little shy going somewhere like that by myself – well maybe a lot shy. Are you in a quilt guild? Did you first go alone or with a friend? I need to get over it and go!

I need to get cracking before Owen wakes up! I hope that you are having a great day.


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