I wanted to have a record of the ironing/pressing poll I did a few weeks back, I was about to just delete it but thought it was good information to keep! The post with comments is here :)

Personally, I’m still torn – I like how flat the block is when I press my seams open, but there are times when the bit of bulk adds dimension to the blocks. So for now I’m just going to decide as I go!

There’s a few applications where I will always press flat: triangles, working on mitered corners, binding strips, and anywhere with lots of seams meeting up. Oh, Fransson – had a post about ironing recently, apparently someone had the gall to tell her she was doing it wrong! I never did ask, why do you iron to one side? After reading her post I felt a bit more empowered in my open pressing :)

The poll:

Which way do you press your seams while quilting?
56% to one side
1% open
37% depends

3% don’t iron!

There’s two of you out there that don’t iron! I would love to hear about your process :) I will occasionally finger press, but only in a pinch!

Do you have trouble getting your seams open? Here’s a peak at my process —

I lay it face down on my ironing surface.

I run the side of my iron along side the fresh seam – this keeps from pressing a fold in, and pops the seam open!

I use my finger to start the opening

Then put the iron to the task.


I turn it over – to further press.

All set, and ready for more :)

Not the best pictures, but hopefully helpful!

Blessings ~ Amy