I live in Utah. There seems to be ALOT of bloggers in Utah. I’ve never met up with a blogger from Utah – but I did meet Amy of Mommy and Beyond today, and she lives in Virginia!We’ve been “friends” for a couple of months now, and recently got in thick with Dana and a Notion or Two. After a bit of deliberation, we decided to meet at Elaine’s – fitting right!? Ella was back at school today, so we had 5 kids between the two of us – we hung out downstairs in the sale section for a while, out of the way, getting to catch up. And $1.00 fat quarters down there too! I know I said spending freeze . . . just a couple :)

After about an hour the little people were done – so we found the nearest coffee shop and got everyone a little snack. A great way to spend the afternoon with new friends! Amy’s mom, a fellow quilter was with us too. I’m thinking she might like to get in a mini-swap group :) I’m not participating in the swap this month – but there are some great little quilts in that group!

In the end, meeting up with a fellow blogger, was a little nerve wracking in the beginning, but turned out to be loads of fun! Hope you have a great Wednesday ~ Amy