I just finished up cutting all my strips this morning. I probably could have finished yesterday, but I took a little slice off my index finger . . . that slowed me down – a lot! Watch those fingers people! I just got caught up I guess, thinking I had it all together and wham, ouch. Thankfully I didn’t get any blood on the fabulous fabrics :)

I counted them – 263 pieces. I know, your thinking – it’s a scrap quilt – just sew it! I’m a planner – I can’t help it :) It should be a queen size by the time I finish – that’s exciting, especially as it is all scraps!

The four that I made two weeks ago, have all sold! Thanks for your encouragement to put the black & white one in – it sold first. I read this post a while back and it has been resonating – “sell one thing.” I can make those little bookmarks in quantity, so I have plans to make more and get my shop stocked up for Christmas. Great little gifts for teachers and special friends :)

Have a great afternoon ~