Another finish for me – in less than a weeks time too! I purchased a queen size batting on ebay and have made great use if it so far :) It’s sold at our walmart, of course, but it is surrounded by tons of construction right now and getting there and out again is more headache than I care to partake in. So check out this store if you are in need – they always add a quilt label to the package too. Enough rambling! I called it Flutterby Squared since that’s what it is – squares – what I love is that it’s not boring. The squares are different sizes and it keeps it interesting :) I drafted this out of necessity – based on the fabric I had on hand, doing as little cutting as possible to make a large enough quilt to not be considered a mini. It’s 40×60″The front is quilted with the teal/turquoise color, and the back is black. I’m starting to think that my free motion quilting is more a meander and less a stipple. I borrowed a book from the library about machine quilting and it has some good info and practice pages (to photocopy). I’ve been looking for the Modern Quilt Workshop over there – to no avail. I will have to buy it for myself for Christmas :)

This quilt is listed in my shop too! I had purchased the fabric with money from the sales there, thinking that it would go back into the shop – no matter how much I love it! Now I just have to pray that they sell – so I can do it all over again :)

I hope you are having a good Monday! It is very wet here . . . all the snow has melted as the rain continues to pour. Just so long as we get more sunshine tomorrow I won’t complain :)