Looking back through my blog archives, I found that I started this quilt in July. Never thought it would take me until the end of October to get it quilted and bound, but other projects kept coming up! The corduroy backing adds an extra layer of texture to the quilt, and a little more heft. I would highly encourage you to try quilting corduroy – it feels amazing!Quilting this piece was a delight! No broken threads, no frustrations – I was/am so thankful. I am still learning how to free-motion so this is not a perfectly quilted quilt. However, I try to not even think in terms of perfection – it is too high a standard for me, for anyone really, and I do not want to breed perfectionism in my kids. I don’t think it is a healthy mindset to have. So my quilt is excellent and just right!

Did you notice the stripy binding – I like it lots :) I have another work-in-progress waiting to be basted together – I had to piece the batting to get it big enough. . . I’ll be back soon!