My new machine arrived yesterday afternoon. I had to wait a couple of hours to plug it in and try it out real quick before getting ready for a dinner guest.

First I did a decorative stitch, just to see, then a straight stitch, to see how fast. Then I dropped the feed dog to see how it liked free-motion. It’s beautiful! Straight from the box, it didn’t want to stop. I made loops, random stipple and stars, all without any threads breaking, no need to stop. It’s so smooth and quiet. I finished the scrap I was working on and told Joe in the next room “like a dream” I am so blessed to have gotten this machine!

Today I finished my top for the tree skirt. My first attempt to miter corners came out good – I was pleasantly surprised :)
I had to redo my first corner – but not a big deal. I love figuring this sort of thing out, it makes quilting challenging and exciting. And there is so much grace there – room for mistakes to be made and learned from.

I have plans to quilt my Olive Rose/corduroy project right away – I need to get it finished up, and a few other wip’s. I like to be orderly and finish what I start, but I don’t always have all the necessary component on hand. . .

Have a great weekend! I hope to have lots to show you soon ~