As usual I had drawn up my own plans for a tree skirt. Then I had to sit down and figure out how make it! Realizing how rusty my geometry skills are, I turned to google (love google!). If I’m working on something small, trial and error works. But this time, I didn’t have enough time or fabric for trial and error :) After a few minutes of searching I found this really cool tool! You can move it around to help figure out the size of square to cut, or what the diagonal of a square will be. I already emailed the author to see if he would consider adding the usual inch increments not used so far.
This is the center of my tree skirt, it measures about 23″ square so far. I am so happy to say that everything on last weeks to do list is done or started! I even ordered my new machine!!!

Hope you are having a great Monday! I need to plan dinner and get everyone to gymnastics here in a bit . . . Monday’s are long lately :)