I’m venturing into new territory today! A tutorial- just for you. . . assuming you want a new wallet of course. :) I have found mine to be a great size for putting in my pocket real quick as I run out the door to take Ella to school, or the to the grocery store. Great for those that don’t care to carry a purse, or would rather not carry an extra 5 pounds of wallet! These pictures are full page size, so if you would like to, click on the page and print out. Close instructions make sewing simpler! Have fun and let me know if you make one, or have any trouble with my directions.

Instructions without pictures:
With a little time and some beautiful fabric you can create a new quilted wallet today! The
project is able to be completed in about an hour’s time – enjoy!

1. Cut your fabrics! You will need:
4 ½ x 8” for exterior
4 ½ x 8” batting
4 ½ x 17 ½ ” for interior
4 ½ x 7 ½ ” interfacing
2. Working with the long interior piece, make a fold, and iron, wrong sides together 1¾ ” from
both ends
3. Topstitch 1/8 th of an inch making top edge of first pocket.
4. Right sides together create pocket 1 ¼ ” deep, and iron.
5. Create second pocket by folding again, wrong sides together 1 ¾ ” to the top, and ½ ”
above first pocket. Iron and topstitch.
6. Finish second pocket by folding a 1 ¼ “ pocket and iron.
7. Apply interfacing to completed interior.
8. Quilt exterior piece to batting. This is a good size to practice free-motion with – not too
9. Place interior and exterior of the wallet, right sides together, and pin in place.
10. Sew together, leaving a space between the tops of the pockets open. Be sure to rein-
force your opening.
11. Trim excess and corners.
12. Turn right side out – start with a corner opposite the opening – it will turn.
13. Use a knitting needle or other method to coerce your corners out all the way.
14. Press flat.
15. Topstitch around the entire wallet, closing the opening, and across the center, for a nice
16. Nice wallet! I would love to see your completed wallet.

We are off to gymnastics and then the evening hours of busyness . . . bedtime, will you ever come? Have a great evening ~ Amy

ETA: Welcome to those coming over from CraftGossip! If I could do this over again I would have done it different – amazing how much I’ve learned in a few short months! I have a recent tutorial here for making mitered corners – feel free to check out what I’ve been up to lately :)