17 03, 2011

Finished Quilt Tops!

By | 2017-02-06T09:18:39+00:00 March 17th, 2011|Modern Basics, work in progress|18 Comments

I should probably share these on different days, but I'm too excited! I have two tops from Modern Basics again - first, Posie Patch: Posie Patch was made for my local quilt shop, Seasons of Home in Midway.  The shop is making kits available for a class that I get to teach, and HMQS coming [...]

14 03, 2011

Almost a Posie Patch, and Winners!

By | 2017-02-06T09:18:40+00:00 March 14th, 2011|work in progress|9 Comments

Hi there!  I hope you had a good weekend!  Mine was productive and fun...I cut 2 quilts, pieced another top, and made these blocks up.  I had cut one last weekend, and hadn't had the chance to sit and sew all week.  I'll show you that one after I have a chance to press and [...]

8 03, 2011

Charmed Park Quilt Top

By | 2017-02-06T09:18:40+00:00 March 8th, 2011|work in progress|23 Comments

I found some Central Park charm packs for a steal a while back, and bought three!  When I got around to using them, I couldn't remember what my original plan had been (gasp!) but they were sitting next to a pile of solids, and they had to be put together. I cut one of the [...]

15 02, 2011

A Notion or Two – Quilt Top

By | 2017-02-06T09:18:41+00:00 February 15th, 2011|a Notion or Two, work in progress|7 Comments

Over the weekend, I pulled out the blocks from the bee I was in called "A Notion or Two" in 2009, and got to work!  I made the block that I needed to finish the group, and got busy.  This is a  departure from my usual fabric choices, but I love it!  I had designed/made [...]

14 02, 2011

Nature Walk Quilt

By | 2017-02-06T09:18:41+00:00 February 14th, 2011|work in progress|19 Comments

Remember the organic fabrics I received a while back?  I had been staring at them, pawing them, waiting for the moment my plan formulated!  Last week I figured it out, I had a couple yards of bella - weathered teak, and decided to incorporate it to make a throw size quilt.  I cut the blocks out, [...]

31 01, 2011

SewConnected Quilt Top

By | 2011-01-31T01:19:37+00:00 January 31st, 2011|work in progress|12 Comments

The blocks for this quilt were made by my friends in the SewConnected group.  We swapped fabric and blocks in 2009, and I just managed to sew my blocks up into a top! I like it right now, and I hope to really love it once I have it quilt and bound.  Working with a [...]

20 12, 2010

Two More Days!

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Happy Monday friends!  My girls have just two days of school this week, then we are taking a trip to see family for the holidays!  The kids are so excited, and I think my parents are even more excited! I spent the weekend finishing up my sewing projects for gift giving, and doing laundry.  Good [...]

16 12, 2010

Quilted Table Runners in Progress

By | 2017-02-06T09:18:44+00:00 December 16th, 2010|work in progress|6 Comments

They are not quilted yet, however, I'm ready to baste and quilt them all! I have my backing fabrics selected, and I pulled threads too.  That always seems like the hardest part - getting all the details together.  Once I have those worked out it is easy to move forward when I have the chance. [...]

9 12, 2010


By | 2017-02-06T09:18:44+00:00 December 9th, 2010|work in progress|18 Comments

2 1/2" Half Square Triangle Units. Cut with my Go! Cutter they are practically perfect!  Really any error is my own.  Not drawing the line down the center and having to cut saves a a lot of time!  It's still a lot of pieces - hopefully I can get them sewn together today! My deadline [...]

6 12, 2010

Beautiful Binding!

By | 2017-02-06T09:18:45+00:00 December 6th, 2010|work in progress|11 Comments

Friday I got word that a precious and much anticipated new baby arrived!  This is the baby that I have been working on a commission quilt for.  To complete the top, I just needed to know her birthday...I embroidered her name and birth date in one corner. Saturday, I found the right thread, and basted [...]