23 11, 2009

This Week

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feels a bit hurried! And it's just Monday morning - I don't think that's a good thing. I had fun over the weekend, out by myself shopping - I met Marie and Pamela down at Tom and Lucy's Art Shoppe, and started Christmas shopping for my kids! I know - I have a bit (LOT) [...]

12 11, 2009

I would LOVE to have your input!

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I'm in deep. And I can't share a thing - but I want to keep connecting with all of you! I'm wondering what you would like to hear from me. Do you have questions about me, our family, sewing, quilting, parenting - anything!?I've been toying with the idea of posting "a day in my life" [...]

10 11, 2009

Around the Web —

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A few things that have come through my inbox recently!From Lark --We’re very excited to announce an online Quilt It! Contest running from October 15 to January 5. The contest will be open to the public and invites crafters to create and submit a photo of a quilt. And there’s a cool catch: the quilt [...]

5 11, 2009

6 Takes

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--This week seems to be flying by! Today is the end of the first quarter for my girls in school, and so tomorrow is a day off for us - love it. I've got lots to do and I'm hoping it's nice and warm so they can play outside all afternoon! I actually got my [...]

29 10, 2009

Clearing my head – again!

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So, I have taken on a big project -- A big project with deadlines and secrecy. I can't tell you about it yet, but the moment I can, you will be the first to know!But the project (which I sought out) has got me thinking a little crazy. Like I must deep clean the entire [...]

19 10, 2009

LOVE in the mail!

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Prior to the Quilt Festival, Michelle of Rosebud Quilting, asked me for my address and favorite color. (She's one of the lovely sponsors getting a package off to a winner this week!) I guessed that she was sending fabric - but didn't expect this :5 - 1 yard cuts of the very fabrics I've been [...]

13 10, 2009

Inspire. Dream. Create.

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One thing about blogging is how small the world really becomes through my computer. I'm pretty sure you all have felt the same in the last few days with our Quilt Festival! Without this online community I would not have had the chance to meet Lisa --I was recently given an opportunity to select a [...]

16 09, 2009

Clearing my Head

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Hi Friends~I feel like it's been a while! A bunch of randomness that I need to put down --After posting on Monday, I proceeded to not sew, but clean instead. "Operation Clean Floors" was a huge success, for about an hour, then, well you know! Kids - gotta love the messes that come with them [...]

10 09, 2009

Flea Market Fancy

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Just a quick note! The Flea Market Fancy petition is gaining in number (nearly 500), if you haven't been over there yet - go! Denyse Schmidt actually signed it recently too! Also, there is a poll giving you a voice as to color WHEN the line goes to be printed again - I'm just trusting [...]

26 08, 2009

Flea Market Fancy Freak?

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My friend Penny has taken on a new project - Getting Free Spirit to reprint Flea Market Fancy! Do you love the Denyse Schmidt, Flea Market Fancy collection?Click the picture to show your support and sign the linky/petition - let your voice be heard! Penny has already been in touch with the manufacturer, with some [...]

25 08, 2009

I Love Pretty Things

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I stayed up late last night so I could look through thisall by myself! Cath Kidston Catalog and Magazine all in one - so much pretty in one spot!Just look at this kitchen! Changing accessories and adding color to the table made a huge improvement!Beautiful ironing board covers too.Encouraging the sewist in everyone :)It all [...]

7 06, 2009

Catching up

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I feel like I've had lots to write all week, but no words to make a decent post. I am happily here with the kiddos, and a few runny noses . . . summer colds are the worst, don't you think? I posted the music poll after getting a nice comment about how the music [...]