21 06, 2008

Owen’s First Year

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1. BD, 2. bd2, 3. 2wk2, 4. 2wk4, 5. 2wk, 6. 2wk3, 7. 3mo, 8. 4mo3, 9. 4mo2, 10. 4mo, 11. 6mo, 12. 6mo2, 13. 6mo3, 14. 7mo, 15. 8mo, 16. 2mo2, 17. 2mo, 18. 10mo, 19. 10mo2, 20. 10mo3, 21. 11mo, 22. 11mo2, 23. 12mo, 24. 11mo3My intentions were to find 12 pictures of [...]

6 06, 2008

Quilt Top In a Day

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I know, I surprise myself too! Sewing with 4 little ones running around can be challenging. I just have to plan ahead for naptime and I sew at the kitchen table. This is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because I can be in the midst of my kids while working on little bits. [...]

1 06, 2008

Birthday Girl

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Our Sophia is 3! She has become such a big girl, in the last year she -- became a big sister.- had her first haircut.- was potty trained!- has loved being a mommy to her baby dolls.Sophia is a sweetheart, she loves to snuggle and build forts with her sisters. Sophia means wisdom, and she [...]

27 05, 2008

Did I tell you. . .

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Owen is walking?! Last week he had his 11 month milestone and it seemed to be the day he decided to walk. He has been practicing for at least 3 months - one, two steps here and there, occasionally a third. Then it turned into five and six steps at a time - until finally [...]

26 05, 2008

What a Weekend

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We have been in party mode around here. First, my birthday was a great day, family, fun and shopping! The three greats. I went to the outlets and got all stocked up for summer. I had been thinking back to last summer and remembered that I spent it indoors, in sweats with a newborn. So [...]

19 05, 2008

Monday, Monday

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Usually I feel a little whiny after a long Monday - not today! The sun was warm and bright and it was the last Monday of the school year. Just writing it makes me smile, no more Monday alarm clock, no more pestering Ella to get ready before school, we just have to make it [...]

17 05, 2008

Complete Quilt Top!

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Hi there! Just a quick post to show you the completed top. I loved putting this together - it was so fast and simple. It measures 52x78" - not quite twin, but I am happy with it! My plan now is purchase backing fabric and batting - then get to quilting. Until then I think [...]

14 05, 2008

Birthday Girl

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Happy Birthday Ella! I am so proud of my Ella girl. She is a great big sister, a super student, a good friend, and a big helper to me. At 8 years old I can hardly believe where the time is gone! I have learned so much about being a mom with Ella, and so [...]

27 04, 2008

Mommy Moments

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I have been catching up on all the posts I missed this week with my parents in town. One of the first posts I found - after yours, of course! - was a photo contest in honor of mother's day. Over at 5minutesformom you can get all the details to enter too! $1000 Amex gift [...]

24 04, 2008

Fun with Grandpa, Grandma AND Paint!

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So it goes without saying this has been a busy week. I have so many blogs to catch up on - but find myself here for a few minutes and thought I would give you a few snipets of what has been going on!Our girls love Grandma & Grandpa - they always bring presents! Yesterday [...]

8 04, 2008

Getting Thicker

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We had haircuts the other day for the girls. Emmalie and Sophia are both working on growing lots of hair - my Owen, only boy has more hair than my girls. They were bald until 2 usually and then it takes a good 3 years to get real hair - opposed to the super fine [...]