27 12, 2008

Sledding Fun

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I have to say upfront - I don't have any pictures. . . I know not good blogging etiquette! Getting all 6 of us out the door in snow gear is all I'm going to say :) That and our camera is big (dslr) and could easily be hurt - which would not be good. [...]

16 12, 2008

A Little Artist

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While I was busy at the table this morning Sophia was happily drawing. She had pulled nearly every sheet of paper out of a pad she found on the shelf. Little monsters and letters. Emmalie and I agreed that the one on the right is a jellyfish, and on the left she wrote "LOL" at [...]

13 12, 2008

Mountain Snow

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It feels like winter is finally here - to stay too! I have a fresh homemade cappuccino here with me, and my Grandma's Leaf Rolls are baking - filling the house with cinnamon-sugar aromas. My girls are watching Christmas movies after having tuckered out playing in the snow. It's a great day!Joe went out with [...]

8 12, 2008


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I hope that you had a great weekend! Mine was busy as usual, and good family time too.We set up our tree during the week, my skirt looks just right under it! Yes, we have a fake tree. . . while living in Southern California, we were in campus housing (Joe was working on his [...]

24 11, 2008

For Me

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I know that they could have used it though, they have been at each other's throats since 7:30 this morning. Rest time. I'm sure some of you are thinking "What she hasn't been having rest time!?" In my defense - for the last 5 years almost, I have had a baby and a napper, who [...]

7 11, 2008

A New Look

By | 2018-02-04T16:00:27+00:00 November 7th, 2008|My kids, work in progress|16 Comments

Not the blog! Owen :)We have been going back and forth about how to cut his hair for a month or so. . . I finally just grabbed my scissors and went for it! Our girls were bald until they were 2, and never a haircut before 3, and our boy has a full head [...]

31 10, 2008


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Thank you all for such nice and wonderful comments about my Olive Rose quilt! I love it, in fact my mom loves it too! Today is her birthday and I managed to surprise her with the quilt. She called me up last night delighted by the package in the mail, it has a new home [...]

22 10, 2008

One Day at a Time

By | 2008-10-22T23:30:00+00:00 October 22nd, 2008|Me, My kids|14 Comments

A neighbor (without kids) said to me in the middle of the grocery store with my kids - "I don't know how you do it." She had a smile, but I could see that she was concerned/amazed. Whenever we are together in public, my kids do alright, this day they were two in the cart [...]

22 10, 2008

Bloggy Goodness!

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A quick post to share my recent win!A big thanks to Amanda Jean for sharing some of her beautiful stash :) I received a sweet little box of fabric goodies today. While putting Owen down for a nap, my girls found them on the table and were ooohing, and aaaahing over each one. They are [...]

1 10, 2008

Cookie Monster . . .

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More like Cheez-it Monster! Owen loves these crackers and found a way to help himself. I walked into the kitchen (after leaving for 2 minutes) and laughed, then ran for the camera :)He's trying to clean up his mess - isn't that sweet!? Many times I feel that our home is quite small, but I [...]

26 09, 2008


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This week has been a rollercoaster! I will have to tell you more on that later.I managed to lose 2 lbs. in the midst of a busy week! Hooray :) Since my little incident last week, I have been able to slowly get moving again - I had 2 bruised knees and one shoulder . [...]