29 08, 2011

Gone Camping!

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Over the weekend we finally squeezed in a camping trip!  After school on Friday, we packed up and drove an hour away to find a camp site in the Uintah Mountains.  It's amazing the beauty that is so close!  Everyone enjoyed sleeping in the tent, fishing, hiking and smores! I am so thankful to have [...]

25 08, 2011

Links for You & First Day of School!

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We made it to the first day of school, and everyone was on time!  Yay!  It always feels like a big accomplishment the first few days of school.  To simplify the process, everyone was excited, so they popped out of bed and rushed downstairs to begin the day.  It's so hard (as mom) to realize [...]

25 07, 2011

Pocket Pixies Quilt Top

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Hey there!  Yesterday I finally had a chance to sit and sew -- and it felt so good! The methodical process, of piecing, pressing and making decisions as I work is like magic.  And I never tire of the process.  I know you can relate to that idea.  Now my little ones are gathering around, [...]

18 01, 2011

My New Crochet Bag

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I'm so excited to see so many of you taking the challenge on!  I'm happy to report that I pieced a table runner for our dining table last night...just need to quilt, and bind it and I will share it with you.  I'm excited to have it together - already! Over the weekend I devised [...]

30 10, 2010

Candied Apples

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While I have been on the computer taking care of issues as they arise, I've also been hanging out with the kiddos!  I hope you all are enjoying the Festival! It's started raining outside, so we are watching Mary Poppins while we wait for the apples to set in the fridge. Apple decorating is very [...]

7 09, 2010

And So It Begins

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I took a few pictures before the girls were all off to school this morning.  I love the excitement on Sophia's face!  She's been ready for Kindergarten since last year, when Emmalie started.  And, my goodness Ella looks all grown up in this one.   I did my usual weepy mama thing taking Sophia to her classroom, [...]

13 07, 2010

Sewing with Linen & a New Quilt Top

By | 2017-02-06T09:18:51+00:00 July 13th, 2010|My kids, work in progress|74 Comments

Hi!  I'm excited to share a new quilt top with you.  I sewed blocks into the wee hours of the weekend, and yesterday started sewing the top up with my morning coffee.  I really wanted to see this quilt top come together!Sewing with linen....it's kinda squirrelly and needs lots of pins.  As the weave is larger [...]

9 06, 2010

Let Summer Begin!

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As of noon today my girls are officially done with Kindergarten (Emmalie) and 4th Grade (Ella)!  I'm really excited to have them home for the summer :) No rushing to get them out the door in the morning, and no need to constantly watch the clock for the pick up times.  I plan to consolidate [...]

24 04, 2010

Weekend Spotlight

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Hi there!For this weekend, I thought we would stay here . . . it's my 500th post, and I'm giving away a Blush Layer Cake to celebrate!! I'm always amazed at how fast the posts add up!  I'm so thankful for each of YOU, my readers, for being here with me through it all :)For [...]

20 04, 2010

My List

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My must do list, continues to grow and shrink!  Never seems to go away though.  I know I'm not the only one  with this issue - am I?I have two additional quilt tops pieced for my book, need to add borders to one and get them to Natalia, so she can work her magic!  So [...]

12 04, 2010

Bits and Pieces & A Winner!

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I'm feeling a bit scattered!  I have lots of things that NEED to get done and a few that I really want to get done - isn't that how it usually goes?  I had a couple of hours to myself Friday evening and decided to cut into some fabric for this bag -The fabrics are [...]