21 12, 2009

Giveaway Winner & Baking Day

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Thank you all for your kind, sweet comments of congratulations on my milestone! I wish I had more to give :) Your comments made me smile, laugh and a few brought tears to my eyes - thank you for sharing and making this community so beautiful to be a part of.There were a total of [...]

3 11, 2009

Family Dinner Swap

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Let's swap recipes! I need some serious help getting creative in the kitchen. I even checked out a pile of cookbooks recently and hardly looked through them - it's hard to know if they will turn out good, or if my family will eat it! That's why I love this community - you all are [...]

3 09, 2009

Homemade Tomato Sauce

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After Joe and I married, we both decided we didn't like our moms spaghetti sauce very much. One used a jar of sauce and added fresh bits, and Italian sausage, and the other used canned tomatoes with browned hamburger. Neither was bad, but we figured that their must be better! This sent us on a [...]