15 02, 2011

A Notion or Two – Quilt Top

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Over the weekend, I pulled out the blocks from the bee I was in called "A Notion or Two" in 2009, and got to work!  I made the block that I needed to finish the group, and got busy.  This is a  departure from my usual fabric choices, but I love it!  I had designed/made [...]

14 12, 2009

A Notion or Two

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I am officially done with my first quilting bee!I made this block for Dana, you do know Dana right!? She sent lots of blue fabrics and ask that we make any block with a bit of each fabric in our block. Well, I got blue - she sent out the rainbow of colors.I cut 1.5" [...]

11 12, 2009

Sew & Tell

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I have been doing a little catch up this week! November's bee blocks are ready to go in the mail finally. Before I forget I also want to tell you that I also have a post on Natalia's blog today! Go learn a little bit more about me there :)This block is for Amber - [...]

22 09, 2009

SewConnected & A Notion or Two

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While not fully well, I do feel much better than I did last night when I wrote my last post. Thanks for the get well wishes! We woke to frost this morning, just as the calendar says it is fall - overnight! Time to hide the shorts from the kids, so they don't freeze and [...]

28 08, 2009


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Happy Friday! My friend Amy and I decided to save up our finished projects for a Friday reveal - she has a Mr. Linky up for you to join in and share your finishes with the rest of us too!Not that I would have been able to post anything earlier! We have had a busy [...]

7 08, 2009

A Notion or Two

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I have sent out fabrics for this month! Included with the fabrics is the little bits of embroidery I was working on last month. Part of a recently blessing was a group of large floral fabrics - that inspired all the little floral embroidery.I sent the packets with little instructions, 12 1/2" block and use [...]

19 07, 2009

19 : : Quilting Bees

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July blocks for SewConnected and A Notion or Two! If you are interested in getting involved in a bee - there is a flickr group designated for swap blocks and an ongoing discussion for those wanting to get involved.Yes, Henny - it's different in that it is just a block, and made from the fabric [...]

26 05, 2009

A Notion or Two – May

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May is almost over! Can you believe it?Jenny asked for a modern block for her boy. I had been thinking how I could play with an hourglass block and then found a picture of wall molding that caught my eye. And so I interpreted it for fabric and the fabrics made it playful! On a [...]

27 04, 2009

A Notion or Two – April

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So I have this thing. I have to finish before I can move on to the next thing. Not usually a problem - but sometimes I really want to move on to the next thing and my OCD won't let me! Today I finished up my block for A Notion or Two, Russ sent out [...]

14 03, 2009

A Notion or Two – March

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Thanks to all of you that took the time to tell me about your ironing habits! It seems that most press their seams in one direction with a couple of exceptions. Within a couple of hours of posting and getting the first bit of feedback, I decided to check into my books that I first [...]

9 02, 2009

A Notion or Two – February

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I had a productive day with my machine! I opted for these fast finishes, as my ideas had been stealing my sleep. Don't you hate that? All I really want to do is sleep, and my brain is too busy thinking up stuff to create! I know, you feel my pain :)My wonky log cabin [...]

5 02, 2009

Confession of a Quilter

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I have never made a log cabin block. Never - of any sort! This is one of the most basic quilting blocks I have yet to make. I browsed through flickr and found a few extraordinary examples of how amazing these blocks can be. 1. I found a quilt top today!, 2. my new log [...]