18 11, 2009

How many times . . .

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are you willing to take a seam out and re-sew it? As I sat at my machine taking a seam out for the third time today, I got to thinking - am I the only one that does this? I'm guessing probably not, but I have referred to myself as "anal Amy" on more than [...]

17 11, 2009

Saving Sammy: Curing the Boy Who Caught OCD

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I'm excited to have a chance to review Saving Sammy, by Beth Maloney for TLC Book Tours. While the content is serious, the book is well written and a real page turner!From TLC Book Tours --"Sammy’s mother, Beth, already coping with the overwhelming responsibility of raising three sons alone, watched helplessly as her middle child [...]

16 11, 2009

Daily Life – Moments

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Our days are sometimes jumbled but often look something like this --6:30-7:30 amI get up! It depends on how late I stayed up the night before, but when possible I like to have a little quiet time, and coffee to wake up, before everyone needs something. I usually take a moment to turn on my [...]

14 11, 2009

Machine Tension

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Kandra had a question about her tension on her sewing machine --I do have a question about sewing... About a year ago, when I was a TOTAL newbie (now i'm just 2/3 newbie)to sewing and quilting, we bought a Janome sewing machine. However, the stitches are made on the BOTTOM of the fabric... so if [...]

13 11, 2009


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I must say - your response to yesterday's post has been amazing! Thank you for all your answers and questions, and being so encouraging. I will take my turn after I show you this --I finished this one off in a mini quilt - it measures 8" square. I love it! I decided my larger [...]

12 11, 2009

I would LOVE to have your input!

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I'm in deep. And I can't share a thing - but I want to keep connecting with all of you! I'm wondering what you would like to hear from me. Do you have questions about me, our family, sewing, quilting, parenting - anything!?I've been toying with the idea of posting "a day in my life" [...]

10 11, 2009

Around the Web —

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A few things that have come through my inbox recently!From Lark --We’re very excited to announce an online Quilt It! Contest running from October 15 to January 5. The contest will be open to the public and invites crafters to create and submit a photo of a quilt. And there’s a cool catch: the quilt [...]

9 11, 2009

Embroidery Color Wheel – Stitches

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Are you making a color wheel!? I would love to know if you are :) leave me a comment or email me and I will make a list in my sidebar, so I can keep up with you!A quick project recap -- In this post I showed you my large color wheel done in embroidery.- [...]

8 11, 2009

Quilt Scene Inspiration

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After seeing the cover of this magazine online - I had to have it!! I waited and waited, a coupon came up to use via the Interweave store, and I went for it. If I were to buy it now I would go see Kathy. So glad to have this mag in my collection too [...]

6 11, 2009

I Did It!

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Some of you probably remember this post where you strongly encouraged me to join the local Quilt Guild. I finally went last night!! Thanks Natalia for the invite :)I met a fun bunch of quilters and learned a little too. The show and tell was so much fun - but of course I forgot my [...]

5 11, 2009

6 Takes

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--This week seems to be flying by! Today is the end of the first quarter for my girls in school, and so tomorrow is a day off for us - love it. I've got lots to do and I'm hoping it's nice and warm so they can play outside all afternoon! I actually got my [...]