5 10, 2009

Monday Madness!

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Hi Friends ~I don't seem to be able to sit for long enough today (probably not a bad thing!). Monday is early out for the kids' school, thus the day is even MORE choppy than usual. 3 trips to school and back daily. And it has been snowing again - hopefully it will warm up [...]

2 10, 2009

Pea Pod Giveaway at Mochi Studios!

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Pea Pod Giveaway at Mochi Studios!Originally uploaded by ritapizza { mochistudios.com } My friend Rita is giving away an adorable set of Pea Pods! They are so sweet and lovable - my girls would be vying for playtime for sure :) Rita is celebrating the opening of her new shop - you will love her [...]

2 10, 2009


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You are assuming from the title, that I have a finished project. Nope not today! I have a few half-finished projects but not to the point where I'm ready to share :)But I did want to remind you to link up!And remind you to spread the word --One week until the Quilt Festival! Have you [...]

29 09, 2009

Natalie’s Quilt — Finished!

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Well taking a picture outside, with only little helpers, wasn't working today. It's very windy - so I found the best indoor spot and snapped a quick pic of most of the quilt! Then moved to the kitchen where I have lots of good light for the rest. To see all of it - check [...]

28 09, 2009

Blogger’s Quilt Festival – FAQ

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I've gotten a few questions, just a few, but thought I would clarify here for everyone. The Quilt Festival begins October 9. With my post on October 9 everyone will have the chance to join in the fun!May I join in, please? :) Of course! Everyone is welcome to join!You'll be posting the directions of [...]

24 09, 2009

Blog Tips

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My disclaimer :: I am by no means an expert in coding or web design, but I am capable of making the changes that I want to my blog and thought I would share a couple of great resources!First - Three Column Blogger has been super helpful in learning the html changes to make for [...]

22 09, 2009

SewConnected & A Notion or Two

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While not fully well, I do feel much better than I did last night when I wrote my last post. Thanks for the get well wishes! We woke to frost this morning, just as the calendar says it is fall - overnight! Time to hide the shorts from the kids, so they don't freeze and [...]

21 09, 2009

Please Excuse Me –

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While I quickly recover from a case of the sniffles. It seems to happen easily this time of year around here - the daily temperatures flux from 70 and 80 to 30 and 40 on a daily basis, and the body just has a hard time keeping up! Ella and I stayed on the couch [...]

18 09, 2009


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I can hardly believe that it's Friday again - this week has been fast and slow all at the same time! Sew-n-tell is organized by ms. Amylouwho and all are invited to participate - yes even YOU :)Remember those Panache fabrics? Last Friday I cut them up, and started putting them back together -- the [...]

17 09, 2009

Doll Quilt Received!

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I've had the best round with Doll Quilt Swap! I love making little quilts for people and of course the payoff is a new quilt for me. For those that don't know, DQS is a secret swap, you never know who is sending a quilt your way! The fun is watching all the beautiful quilts [...]

16 09, 2009

Clearing my Head

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Hi Friends~I feel like it's been a while! A bunch of randomness that I need to put down --After posting on Monday, I proceeded to not sew, but clean instead. "Operation Clean Floors" was a huge success, for about an hour, then, well you know! Kids - gotta love the messes that come with them [...]