1 12, 2009

Video Post

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I realized recently that I've barely mentioned music since I removed it from my sidebar over the summer! I'm still loving most anything Ingrid Michaelson produces, but a new favorite is Regina Spektor - take a listen --Her voice is beautiful, and the lyrics are captivating.Over the weekend Cynthia at Fabricworm produced a quick video, [...]

30 11, 2009

Gift Ideas for Quilters

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I've got a nifty list of gift ides, dream products for quilters, and a few must have's too!OLFA Rotary Circle CutterLarge Self-Healing Cutting Mat -- Mine is on it's last leg!Instant Design WallSuper Satchel Thread Box10 Yards Moda Muslin Bleached WhiteGingher 8-Inch Shears -- I mostly use my rotary cutter, but having a great pair [...]

27 11, 2009

Cath Kidston Love!

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I love my blogging friends! Andrea found this while shopping and thought of me - it's a Mending Kit in adorable Cath Kidston form! Thank you, Thank you Andrea!!Love all the colorful bits and there is a built in pin cushion.And how-to booklet to get started with.Also Cath Kidston related - I have the Christmas [...]

25 11, 2009

I Am Thankful : : 17

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for -- my family, they are crazy and fun making every day an adventure!- my blog friends, you all encourage me to keep going with my creative passions!- A warm and safe home.- good friends to celebrate with.- the inspiration I find everywhere!The list could keep going on and on, I am blessed beyond measure [...]

23 11, 2009

This Week

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feels a bit hurried! And it's just Monday morning - I don't think that's a good thing. I had fun over the weekend, out by myself shopping - I met Marie and Pamela down at Tom and Lucy's Art Shoppe, and started Christmas shopping for my kids! I know - I have a bit (LOT) [...]

21 11, 2009

Books Suggested To Me – by You!

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You all are a bunch of readers! I asked and you recommended a lot of books. Now to find some time to read a few :)Here's the list --The Time Traveler's WifeThe Hunger GamesSomeplace to Be FlyingThe Lovely BonesThe Story of Edgar SawtelleHave a New Husband by FridayWater for ElephantsDown the Common: A Year in [...]

20 11, 2009

Links for you!

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I have a few links that you must visit -1 - A giveaway! Penny has amassed a great giveaway, I don't want to spoil the surprise - but it's good! And if you haven't signed in on the petition to reprint flea market fancy, you can do that at the same time :)2 - Michelle [...]

19 11, 2009

Basics Tutorial : Unpicking Stitches

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In our discussion last week tutorials about some of the basics were suggested. And after yesterday's post this seemed like the perfect place to start! I don't remember learning this, I'm guessing it was learned as girl and has been ingrained since. (I learned to sew garments at 10)On the wrong side of fabric, place [...]

18 11, 2009

How many times . . .

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are you willing to take a seam out and re-sew it? As I sat at my machine taking a seam out for the third time today, I got to thinking - am I the only one that does this? I'm guessing probably not, but I have referred to myself as "anal Amy" on more than [...]

17 11, 2009

Saving Sammy: Curing the Boy Who Caught OCD

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I'm excited to have a chance to review Saving Sammy, by Beth Maloney for TLC Book Tours. While the content is serious, the book is well written and a real page turner!From TLC Book Tours --"Sammy’s mother, Beth, already coping with the overwhelming responsibility of raising three sons alone, watched helplessly as her middle child [...]

16 11, 2009

Daily Life – Moments

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Our days are sometimes jumbled but often look something like this --6:30-7:30 amI get up! It depends on how late I stayed up the night before, but when possible I like to have a little quiet time, and coffee to wake up, before everyone needs something. I usually take a moment to turn on my [...]