7 12, 2009

Giveaway Day Winner!

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I'm late to get here today - sorry! We woke up to 4-5" of snow and single digit temps - it's still snowing and there's always lots of extra things to do when the snow flies! Plus the van drives better in the snow than Joe's work truck, so we were swapping carseats for equipment, [...]

3 12, 2009

The Quilts of Gee’s Bend Fabrics

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I almost forgot to tell you --I have had the privilege of working with Windham's Gees Bend collection of hand dyed solid fabrics! They are SO pretty, so much more than the color swatches online show. The slight variations in the fabric is really nice and adds depth to my projects!(image courtesy of Sew, Mama, [...]

2 12, 2009

Giveaway Day!

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Sew, Mama, Sew is busy again! They just finished up a month of Handmade Holidays, with daily posts full of tutorials and giveaways, and now they are hosting Giveaway Day! After you enter to win here, go spend the day signing up for as many giveaways as you possibly can. Maybe you can enter me [...]

1 12, 2009

Video Post

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I realized recently that I've barely mentioned music since I removed it from my sidebar over the summer! I'm still loving most anything Ingrid Michaelson produces, but a new favorite is Regina Spektor - take a listen --Her voice is beautiful, and the lyrics are captivating.Over the weekend Cynthia at Fabricworm produced a quick video, [...]

30 11, 2009

Gift Ideas for Quilters

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I've got a nifty list of gift ides, dream products for quilters, and a few must have's too!OLFA Rotary Circle CutterLarge Self-Healing Cutting Mat -- Mine is on it's last leg!Instant Design WallSuper Satchel Thread Box10 Yards Moda Muslin Bleached WhiteGingher 8-Inch Shears -- I mostly use my rotary cutter, but having a great pair [...]

27 11, 2009

Cath Kidston Love!

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I love my blogging friends! Andrea found this while shopping and thought of me - it's a Mending Kit in adorable Cath Kidston form! Thank you, Thank you Andrea!!Love all the colorful bits and there is a built in pin cushion.And how-to booklet to get started with.Also Cath Kidston related - I have the Christmas [...]

25 11, 2009

I Am Thankful : : 17

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for -- my family, they are crazy and fun making every day an adventure!- my blog friends, you all encourage me to keep going with my creative passions!- A warm and safe home.- good friends to celebrate with.- the inspiration I find everywhere!The list could keep going on and on, I am blessed beyond measure [...]

23 11, 2009

This Week

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feels a bit hurried! And it's just Monday morning - I don't think that's a good thing. I had fun over the weekend, out by myself shopping - I met Marie and Pamela down at Tom and Lucy's Art Shoppe, and started Christmas shopping for my kids! I know - I have a bit (LOT) [...]

21 11, 2009

Books Suggested To Me – by You!

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You all are a bunch of readers! I asked and you recommended a lot of books. Now to find some time to read a few :)Here's the list --The Time Traveler's WifeThe Hunger GamesSomeplace to Be FlyingThe Lovely BonesThe Story of Edgar SawtelleHave a New Husband by FridayWater for ElephantsDown the Common: A Year in [...]

20 11, 2009

Links for you!

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I have a few links that you must visit -1 - A giveaway! Penny has amassed a great giveaway, I don't want to spoil the surprise - but it's good! And if you haven't signed in on the petition to reprint flea market fancy, you can do that at the same time :)2 - Michelle [...]

19 11, 2009

Basics Tutorial : Unpicking Stitches

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In our discussion last week tutorials about some of the basics were suggested. And after yesterday's post this seemed like the perfect place to start! I don't remember learning this, I'm guessing it was learned as girl and has been ingrained since. (I learned to sew garments at 10)On the wrong side of fabric, place [...]