31 03, 2010

Inspiration: Solid Quilts

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I think you all know that I love color, and solid fabrics can be so pretty all on their own!  Today I have a mosaic of inspiration for you:1. city green, 2. Abstract squares, 3. Bar Code Quilt, 4. Habitat Quilt, 5. Solids quilt, 6. The TempestCreated with fd's Flickr ToysI have a quilt planned [...]

30 03, 2010

Question For Quilters

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I've really enjoyed getting to know the featured quilters better, and so thought I thought I would ask each of you a quick question!What is your favorite part of making a quilt?  And why, if you care to share.For me, I love putting the rows together, and seeing my vision realized.  I also really love [...]

29 03, 2010

Like New Ironing Board

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I think it is better than new!  The fabric used on most ironing boards is so cheap - flimsy, rough, and blah.  I've had my current ironing board for about a year, and I was happy for the first week, then the first hole appeared in the side!  I put the recovering effort on the to [...]

26 03, 2010

Featuring Cheryl — A Blogger’s Quilt Festival Quilter!

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Hi there!  This week's featured blogger is Cheryl - she blogs at Cheryl Lynch Quilts.  I hope you enjoy~-----1. When did you begin quilting?I started quilting in 1992.  We had relocated to a new state for myhusband's job.  It was a great opportunity to learn something new.Being a scientist, I had always been fascinated by [...]

25 03, 2010

Ella’s Dress!

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I woke up yesterday morning feeling much better!  A good night's sleep was just what I needed :)During Owen's nap I took a couple hours to finish Ella's dress, and then in the evening I worked the blind hem  out with my machine and hemmed the other two dresses.  whew!  It feels good to be [...]

24 03, 2010

Excuse Me, Please!

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I was hoping to have a finished dress to show you again today. . . I caught Ella's cold, and have been taking it easy.  I'm hoping to be feeling much better today!  And then finish it :)I'm itching to have a quilt or two to post here!  I love looking through flickr and seeing [...]

23 03, 2010

On My Mind

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Hi there!  I've been so glad to hear from so many of you, making the move with me easily here :)  I love to know that this space is part of your morning/daily routines, and thanks for the profile pic love!  I had my hair cut and colored by a professional.  A nice treat and [...]

22 03, 2010

A Winner & Two Dresses

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One small hiccup in my move.  While writing this, all my past comments are g o n e!  Totally missing - I think I read that they may slowly make the move, but I was expecting all those comments (with numbers!) to be there when I was ready to select a winner for the Burgundy [...]

21 03, 2010

I’ve Moved!

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Please update your reader, and let me know you made the switch! Amy's Creative Side is my new home on the web :)I'm super excited - is that weird!? Amy---------------------------------------------------Next steps:Subscribe to parkcitygirlShop with AmyFollow Me on TwitterBecome a fan of Amy's Creative Side on FacebookEmail me

18 03, 2010

Sewing Garments!

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I have two quilts due in a six weeks, but I've been promising dresses to my girls!  So my goal for this week has been to cut and start (maybe finish) three dresses! I am a sucker for patterns when Joann's has them for $1 - we just happened to be there on one of [...]

17 03, 2010

Burgundy Buttons – Giveaway!

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Is Verna on your wishlist? It's - oh - so pretty and soft too! You are in luck - Leah of Burgundy Buttons is giving away some Verna! I asked Leah to tell us a little bit about her shop --Burgundy Buttons truly strives to be your friend in the quilting business! Burgundy Buttons has [...]