30 04, 2010

Roman Shades Complete

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Checking this project off my list feels SO good!   Our lamp is still trying to find the right home, since rearranging everything.  We did have a table lamp, but, one little boy accidentally trashed the shade....upFabrics are Amy Butler, the home decor fabrics have such a nice feel to them.  Slightly more $$ but worth [...]

30 04, 2010

Featuring Rita — A Blogger’s Quilt Festival Quilter!

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Odds are you know today's featured quilter - it's Rita from Red Pepper Quilts!  I hope you enjoy getting to know Rita a little more --1. When did you begin quilting?Rita's First QuiltI began quilting about 10 yearsago.   Both my mother and sister are quilters, and it is their passionfor quilting which appealed to me, [...]

29 04, 2010

Coming Together

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Hi there!  I've got Blogger's Quilt Festival on the brain - taking my time to work out all the details with sponsors. It's going to be great!!  If you are a shop and interested in being a sponsor, send a quick email to me with a link and I will get the details to you [...]

28 04, 2010

Little Things

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It's the little things that make me happy most days.  Like the five minutes that all four kids get along each day, or a empty kitchen sink (it's not right now). Or the little tulips gathered from the yard.And inspiration for, yet another quilt.I just love the colors in this couples photographs!  They have a [...]

27 04, 2010

Roman Shades & a Winner!

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This roman shade project has been on my list since we painted the living room in January!  I purchased fabric in February, and finally collected all the bits and pieces needed to make it.  I had to let my ideas fully form, before I was ready to cut (some may call this procrastination!), but I [...]

26 04, 2010

Houses in Frolic!

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I'm so glad to have you help me celebrate 500 posts!   It wouldn't be possible with out all of you  :)I took a little time on Saturday to make some house blocks for V.  Pulled out a little extra yardage, from a different project, cut, and whaalaa -Houses in FrolicWhat do you think?  I [...]

24 04, 2010

Weekend Spotlight

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Hi there!For this weekend, I thought we would stay here . . . it's my 500th post, and I'm giving away a Blush Layer Cake to celebrate!! I'm always amazed at how fast the posts add up!  I'm so thankful for each of YOU, my readers, for being here with me through it all :)For [...]

22 04, 2010

I Am Thankful : : 20

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for -- my family- the warmer temperatures- checking things off my list- opportunities- a good home for kittyMy girls are very sad that the kitty did not stay.  I'm sad to be so allergic...Blessings~Amy---------------------------------------------------Next steps:Subscribe to Amy's Creative SideShop with AmyFollow Me on TwitterBecome a fan of Amy's Creative Side on FacebookEmail me

21 04, 2010


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Joe found this sweet kitten in our garage!  We put up signs, hoping that a neighbor lost her, and will claim her soon. But Joe and the kids are quickly falling for her -KittyI'm super allergic, and can't handle cats on the counter.  She's already box trained, super lovey, and obviously loves kids.  She's got [...]

20 04, 2010

My List

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My must do list, continues to grow and shrink!  Never seems to go away though.  I know I'm not the only one  with this issue - am I?I have two additional quilt tops pieced for my book, need to add borders to one and get them to Natalia, so she can work her magic!  So [...]

19 04, 2010

Get Lucky

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Winner:  Darlene at SewCalGal!  Congratulations :)I'm happy to have read a book!  Really it shouldn't be such a monumental occasion, but life has been so busy - I haven't let myself get caught up in books as much lately. Get LuckyI set up this review months ago with Lisa at TLC Book Tours, here's a little from [...]