#100DaysofQuiltImprov (Days 64-70)

Week 10

This week was just a lot of fun! After “sashing” and trimming down 20-odd blocks, I ran out the solid white I had been consistently using – no problem though, I improvised! I found a couple white fabrics that were close enough, and dove deep into my scrap bin. I love the pops of color in the blocks, and lately with more white surrounding them.

While my original premise was to make in black and white, with scraps, I find the just black and white to be too stark of a contrast at times. But then I do make one on occasion and always love it.

It seems to depend on the day!

I can hardly believe I’m into my last 30 days of the project! I feel like I have found my favorites in improv, and really glad that I took this step to being open to a bigger dose of creativity. I’ve had a few new quilt designs come to me, even in the last week, and I look forward to more. I definitely feel like this is the beginning of my love of improv, and I look forward to continuing to grow and explore long after this project is complete.

In the last photo I’ve included one block repeated and turned to get a feel for how a unit might look as one quilt top. It’s interesting, for sure. I think if I were to make it the strip widths would vary more and it would be more interesting overall. But it’s a good representation of what it might look like!

Happy Quilting –


#100DaysofQuiltImprov Mock up Quilt by Amy Ellis - Amyscreativeside.com
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