Looking to add hand quilting to your next project, but not sure where to start? Here’s the hand quilting tools that I’ve been using recently!
Hand quilting tools that I've been using recently.

**The needles are the most important tool, having the right needle for your thread makes all the difference! When using Perle cotton thread, a large eye, and sharp tip are necessary. My local shop recommended Bohin Chenille needles in size 22, I’ve kept all 6 of them threaded and working across the quilt moving my hoop once all the needles have reached the other side.

**Perle cotton size 8 is beautiful for stitches that are meant to be seen. Look for a color that will complement your pieced quilt top, and give it a try.

**My hera marker, allows me to add a line without adding color, or chalk to my quilt top. Use your ruler on a hard flat surface, to crease the fabric where you would like to stitch. This is best of course for straight lines, but very handy!

**My snips are great for getting close to the quilt while trimming away the extra thread. The little curve at the tip allows it to get close without cutting the fabric.

**A comfortable thimble is not shown, but VERY necessary. I’ve been using my trusty silicone thimbles, but might just need to upgrade soon! A few friends have suggested a leather thimble, because of it’s flexibility and strength.

Hand quilting tools that I've been using recently.

I’m loving the extra layer of texture that the quilting is adding, and can’t wait to share the entire piece with you!