I thought I would share the best color tool with all of you today! Recently I was looking through some photos for color inspiration, and remembered the new Palette Builder tool that Moda added to their site earlier this year.

Color - AmysCreativeSide.com

Bella Solids

I was able to upload photos from our family vacation, and select colors within that were then translated into a Bella Solid color!

Color - AmysCreativeSide.com

Glacier Park

When the photo is first uploaded there are 5-6 little circles that you can move around the photo, so that the most desired colors are matched. On the photo above, I chose the water, mosses, trees, and the stone. The corresponding Bella’s are on the right, but you could also use this as a reference to pull printed fabrics from your stash. Then you can save the photo with the colors, like I did, for future reference.

Color - AmysCreativeSide.com

I took lots of pictures of the family while we were on vacation, but the scenery was super inspiring – just what I needed! I’m looking forward to incorporation more of my inspiration shots into my quilt designs and this tool is a great way to put the natural beauty into my work.

There are countless ways you could use this tool! I’m excited about that stack of Bella’s at the top – I’m planning to cut into them today. I hope you take a few minutes and see what new color palettes you can come up with!

Happy Quilting –