Shhhh – Gus and I are here to tell you just what really goes on the month before Market. This is the stuff mom would rather you all not know. Blog take over -

Like the pizza for dinner again last night, and all the coffee she’s drinking!

Blog take over -

Anytime a big box arrives, we know she’s going to be sewing like crazy, and to watch out when she’s using her rotary cutter – that thing is scary sharp!

Blog take over -

I guess the quilts are pretty, but I’m starting to wonder how many quilts we really need around here. All stacked up they are taller than I am!

Blog take over -

No matter how pretty the fabric, the sewing space is ALWAYS a disaster, covered in thread, and fuzz, and tiny scraps of fabric, I often think she’s just making messes instead of quilts. Oh well! I better get to school before she finds me here on her computer – thanks for letting me rant a little!



PS – Fabrics pictured are Chic Neutrals which ship in August, and mom has patterns in her shop now.