Battings and labels are both needed in our quilts even if they aren’t the main attraction, but there’s so many options for both! Listen in for our favorite battings and ways to label a quilt.

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Check at your local quilt shop, or long armer to purchase batting.

Cotton, polyester battings are most commonly found.

Warm & Natural is 90% cotton 10% polyester

Wool battings are super soft, light weight and treated not to shrink as much as might think.

Soy & bamboo battings are renewable, and hypoallergenic.

Silk is very luxurious, but fussy. Best used in quilts that won’t be washed often, and small enough to hand wash.

Warm Company FAQ

Pellon FAQ

Explore the battings that are out there.

Labels don’t have to be elaborate, but do need to be included.

Spoonflower, print your own labels with info, then quilt into the back. Or try some of these labels.

Printed labels here, and here too. Search “label” while at your favorite shop for more.

Embroider your label, here’s one I received in a swap. Super cute – right?


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