Just home from Quiltcon, I’ve got a few experiences to share, and I was fortunate enough to sit down with Jenny Doan to talk about ModBlock. April and I are also talking about what to look for when growing a fabric stash!

The Quiltcast - AmysCreativeSide.com

The photos of quilts at Quiltcon, that I took are here.

ModBlock is available here!

Missouri Star Quilt Co youtube channel here.

Growing a stash

April's tonal stash - Quiltcast #67 - Growing a Stash :: AmysCreativeSide.com

April’s stash pictured above.

1/2 yards are our favorites to stash

Look for tone on tone, usually one color with a neutral mixed in, keep it simple when looking for prints. Listen in for more tips!


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Pillow Collective :: Think Big Edition has been a ton of fun – check out the details here and enter to win fabric or even a quilt, by me!

Pillow Collective : Think Big Edition - AmysCreativeSide.com #ThinkBigBook #Pillow Collective


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