Moving beyond fabric collections to make beautiful and unique quilts, with fabrics curated by you, from your fabric stash! April and I share tips to combine fabrics with success!

The Quiltcast -

Here’s our tips, be sure to listen in for more info.

1 – A lot of your stash will be cohesive since you chose it to begin with.

2 – Select three colors, pull fabrics to work with them. Looking for subtle variations.

3 – Practice and time will improve your combinations.

4 – Pick one fabric, with a lot of color as a focal to select coordinates.

5 – Select on fabric, to pull solid colors from for a solid quilt that is unique.

6 – Scale, always needs to be a factor, but depends on your pattern too.

7 – Start with a precut, but add a couple of other prints to the group.

8 – Select fabrics in person, in different light, and maybe step away for a few minutes then come back to it.

9 – Test a block to verify scale and contrast is working.

Quiltcast : Using your Fabric Stash -


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