Teaching your kids or friends to quilt, is fun if maybe a little stressful, but worth your time! Here’s a few tips to start for a positive outcome for everyone!

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Cut for them –

-experience makes you faster

-less likely to have mistakes

-precuts are a great option – Charms or Layer Cakes depending on desired size


At the machine –

-glue sticks are handy with kids

-pins are a great skill to learn

-ergonomics are important – 90-degree elbows, and knees

-seam guide on presser foot

-claw hands around the machine, no needle plate area

-little scissors, thread cutter

-quilting something small is a great experience for the new quilter


Ironing seam allowances –

-not for kids, let the watch and learn

-show options for pressing

travel iron, would be great for kids


With adults –

-same principles apply, but hands off

-all about giving them confidence, not doing it for them

-perfection is over-rated, first time won’t be perfect

-quality notions are always a good idea

-quick reward, is fun for everyone



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