That’s right – the next Festival is due to begin in just over a month! Grab a button in my sidebar, and help spread the word!

With your feedback after the last festival, I’ve updated the list of categories, and added descriptions. Take a look :

Categories –

Mini Quilt Category – Quilts in this group measure no more than 80″ around.

Small Quilt Category – Quilts in this group measure more than 80″, but no more than 240″ around.

Large Quilt Category – Quilt in this group measure over 240″ around.

Applique Quilts – Hand or machine applique is welcome.

Art Quilts – Express yourself with fabric.

Hand Quilted – Quilted by hand.

Home Machine Quilted – Quilted on a domestic machine.

Modern Quilts – Modern to you, is modern to me.

Original Design Quilts – Designed by you, not a previously published quilt pattern.

ROYGBIV Quilts – Show off your rainbow.

Scrappy Quilts – Glad to have all those scraps in one beautiful place.

ETA : Alrighty Hand Quilters! You’ve made yourself heard, now I want to see how many quilts you will enter in the Festival! I’ve decided to add the Hand Quilting category back this time around, and challenge all of you to participate — so that your category can stick around for future Blogger’s Quilt Festivals!

ETA: Each blogger can enter two quilts, however each quilt can be entered into only one category. 

Also based on your feedback, I’ve changed the way the Linky will look : The links will show up randomly for each person online, meaning sometimes you will be at the top, and others at the bottom.  Your name or number will not be visible, but there will be a checkmark in the corner of the quilts you visit. The number of votes will be visible after the close of the Festival.

I hope that you guys can live with the changes, I know that looking through all the categories can be cumbersome, and I really want the competition aspect of the Festival to be fair and honest. As always, I’m willing to take your feedback into account, and would love to hear from you!

I can’t wait to see all your beautiful quilts in the Festival!


PS – I’m gathering sponsor information right now too – if you are a shop, interested in participating as a sponsor, please email me for details.